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About Manchee Leather

Manchee Leather has been operational since the early year of 2008, since then its been devoted to distributing only the finest hides of leather to its clients. What makes our leather so specific and genuine you may ask; is the specific process that each individual hide goes through to become its finished product. The hides themselves become a piece of art, even before they become furniture. With a team of perfectionists, we pride ourselves on the quality of the hides and inspect them before shipment. When it comes to our customer service and sales representatives, we look to bring the best services we can offer and the best prices.

About Philip Manchee

The Manchee family has over 50 years experience in the leather industry – from shoes, accessories, and garments, to high-end upholstery leathers. Philip Manchee, the founder of Manchee Leather, has a long history in the leather industry. He was then a founding member of Spinneybeck, and together with his family, created the C.O.L. supply business in the early 70’s; bringing exquisite Italian upholstery leathers to the North American market. Philip founded Spinneybeck’s upholstery leather division and personally developed many of their best selling products. Since leaving Spinneybeck, Philip has maintained his high profile in the leather industry as an independent consultant to numerous private and manufacturing clients. For example, he worked several years developing and producing the Hunt Leather program for Holly Hunt.

Our Mission

Manchee Leathers is dedicated to providing the finest quality leather in the market, with exceptional variations and patterns. We pride ourselves on our genuine luxurious leathers, and the dedication put towards each individual unique hide.



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Stouffville, ON L4A 2G5, CA

Tel: 905-888-0777 or 1-866-511-7511

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