The Importance of Leather Quality

Leather has provided mankind with fundamental needs since the beginning of time. Leather has played a significant role in providing clothing, shelter, footwear and seating throughout history. Although it has evolved into a luxury material it is the inherent nature of its properties that has drawn people to it through the ages.

“Leather Breathes”

Leather is soft and flexible and at the same time it is one of the strongest natural flat sheet materials that exist in the world. The breathing characteristics of leather fibres create the most comfortable and softest natural material available. The hand and texture of leather differentiates it from any other material. Comfort-Longevity-Luxury these are the unique characteristics of top quality upholstery leather.

Size and Cut

Leather comes in many different cuts and sizes that vary on the type of animal it is coming from. It is important to know the averages sizes for different cuts of hides to properly understand how your design piece might be made and how many hides it will require.

Below is a sizing chart that breaks down the AVERAGE size of different kinds of hides.

This chart can be helpful in understanding how much of a particular hide type is needed for a project and its cost.

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