The Art of (Re)Upholstery

Put Life Back into Your Home

Upholstery is one of the most underrated art forms in our everyday life. It's not often we stop in awe over the meticulous details, time, and craftsmanship put into our favourite home furnishings. It's likely you are reading this very article while sitting on a couch or chair that hasn't been thought of twice since it's occupied its current space. Well, here is your chance to think again and send some gratitude to the upholster who's creation you bestow upon.

Upholstery is a process that has been around for centuries. Trained upholsterers are able to transform a wide range of items, from chairs and sofas to car interiors, bikes and boats, bringing their clients design dreams to life. The skill and artisanship that goes into upholstery makes the impossible possible. Mass produced furniture just can't compete.

Upholstery can also be used to restore, repair, and transform pre existing furniture. This is the process of Reupholstery, and is something that Manchee Leather specializes in. Our team is skilled in bringing your pieces to life by re-upholstering with our beautifully crafted leather hides.

But before jumping into any project, understanding what it entails and if it is the right choice is important. Below we explain more about upholstery, the re-upholstery process, and if re-upholstery is actually the best fit for you.

What is Upholstery?

Upholstery is when a piece of furniture (usually a seat cushion or siding) is provided with padding, springs, webbing and leather or fabric coverings. Upholstery can be used in creating domestic and commercial furniture, automobile, plane and boat furniture, and to restore antiques or to modernize pieces

The Reupholstery Process

The first step of reupholstery is to strip all layers of existing upholstery down to the furniture’s frame. By removing the layers one at a time we the upholster, are able to examine the initial upholstery methods and repair or maintain them when reupholstering.

The first items to remove include the staples, studs, and tacks holding the other materials in place. It is important to always be careful at this step to avoid damaging the furniture’s frame. Then the top cover, padding and stuffing is removed, leaving only the frame remaining. NOTE: if the padding and stuffing that was removed is in good shape, it will be reused to eliminate waste.

At this point, any necessary repairs are made to the frame and the reassembling begins!

Just like the piece was stripped down, it is built back up in layers. Webbing, springs or base hessian, padding and stuffing are added to the frame. Then, the top covering or leather or fabric is added to pull it all together as a final product. Manchee leather is able to reupholster with top coverings of our premium Italian leather, in a wide range of colour and collection options, as well as other textile materials.

When to Choose Reupholstery

In a world that treats everything as disposable, we encourage you to embrace a more sustainable approach to living that starts in your living room. Reupholstery allows our clients to celebrate the history and creativity of old or previously loved furniture by giving it a second life. With that being said, if you do not want to change the look of your piece, you might be able to avoid reupholstery.

Proper furniture maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your beloved pieces. By cleaning and taking care of your furniture, you are able to avoid losing your favorite leather piece, avoid or delay the reupholstery of it, and bring that "fresh feeling" into your home or office.

Our Rule of Thumb for Upholstery:

Upholster if: you would like to change the top covering of your piece due to damage or design, or if the other layers of your furniture need some loving.

Don't Upholster if: your piece is worn but can be rejuvenated with proper cleaning and conditioning.

Now, Let's Get Started!

Not sure which route is right? No problem! Our team can easily inspect your furniture and create a plan of action. We provide full upholstery services including providing or sourcing top covering material, as well as leather care and conditioning products and services.

Contact us today and start making your design dreams come true.