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Tibetan Collection

Tibetan Collection

These unique lambskins are sourced from Tibet & Western China. Their soft and silky fibres and light weight make them ideal for a beautiful range of accent rugs, cushions & throws. With their distinctive long curly wool fibres, they bring uncompromising natural luxury and opulence into the home. The colour ranges for Tibetan lambskins are very dynamic and well suited to accents in the home. Tibetan is identified by its signature, long ‘corkscrew’ fibre. Often incorrectly referred to as Mongolian, Tibetan lamb is known for its long and twisted wool fibres. This dramatic natural fibre is a key design-staple for many home décor looks.

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Average Size: 45-50 sq.ft.

Thickness: 0.8/1.0 mm

Physical Analysis:

Property          Test Method - Process   Requirement

Average Thickness      ISO 2589                 0.8 - 1.0 mm

Tensile Strength          ISO 3376        

Elongation at Break    ISO 3376                

Tear Strength               ISO 3377 - 1           >20 N

Flexing Endurance      ISO 5402                 >50,000

Fire behaviour             EN ISO 3795

                                      /SAE J369
Colour Fastness

to Artificial Light         ISO 105 B 02      >2/3 (Blue Scale)

Colour Fastness          ISO 11640/         >3/4, >3 (Grey                                                                         Scale)

to Rubbing                   UNI EN               >3 (Grey Scale)

(50 Dry Rubs,               ISO 11640  

20Wet Rubs)

Colour Fastness           UNI EN ISO         > 3 (Grey Scale)

to Rubbing                    11640 (pH 8)

(20 Sweat)

Finishing Adhesion      ISO 11644          

Determination of ph    ISO 4050

Determination of Ph,   ISO 4045              >3.5, >0.7

Difference Figure

(Only For pH < 4)

FAR A Flammability     FAR 25:853 (A) (1) (1)

Vertical Burn

(60 seconds)

Extinguish Flame

FAR A Flammability     FAR 25:853 (A) (1) (1)

Vertical Burn

(60 seconds)

Damage Flame

Ignitability of                BS 5852                         Pass

Upholstered Seating

by Smouldering

& Flaming Sources

Ignitability BS 5852-0  EN 1021-1

Ignitability BS 5852-1  EN 1021-2

California Technical    Cal Tech Bulletin 117   Class 1

Cigarette Ignition        UFAC/NFPA 260            Class 1


Boston Fire Dept         BFD IX-I                          Pass

Wyzenbeek -                ASTM D 4157.07           Pass

(Oscillatory Cylinder

Method) @ 70,000 cycles

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