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Primatif Grappa Collection

Primatif Grappa Collection

Manchee Leathers Primatif Grappa is known as a Haired hide, its produced by hand working. It’s a material completely natural, a perfect mixture between cowhide hair and pure aniline. Every hide is different from each other due to the unique steps to create them, thus enhancing the two-tone effect

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Average Size: 50-55 sq.ft.

Cow skins, 100% European origin

​Natural summer hair length or on half cow skins size about 25/27 sq. ft. shaved hair

It is an aniline full grain, so swatch colours are approximate.

Dye lots can vary and hides may be sensitive to U.V. exposure.

Skins with two tones effect are made by hand, so there will be different shades of colour on the same skin and from each skin to the others.

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