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Lusso Collection

Lusso Collection

Uniqueness was both a challenge and a goal when designing our Lusso leather. We wanted to create a leather with an exceptional hand very much like that of a pure aniline leather with the aesthetic of a semi aniline leather. Produced on clean European hides and tanned in Italy, Lusso adds a luxurious element and since luxury is measured by one’s own impressions of our surrounding and all that touches our lives, this leather stands out as a luxurious investment. The color palette was inspired by nostalgia of the 1950’s and interpreted for the up-and-coming colors needs of high-end design.

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Average Size: 50 sq.ft.

Thickness: 0.9/1.1 mm

Technical Data:

Finish Type: Semi -Aniline

Content: European Cowhide

Country Finished: Italy

Test Performance:

Test                          Method                         Result

Dry Rubbing       EN ISO 11640          500 cycles / min 4

Wet Rubbing      EN ISO 11640           80 cycles / min 3

Perspiration       EN ISO 11640            50 cycles / min 3


Adhesion            EN ISO 11644:2005          2N/CM

of Finish

Flex                      EN ISO 5402:2004             30,000


Ageing from        EN ISO 17228                    MIN 3


Color Fastness    EN ISO 105-B02                MIN 3

to Light

Cigarette               EN ISO BS5852-1-2         REF.TO

Match Test

Tear Strength       EN ISO 3377-1               20 N/MM

Flame Resistance:

CA 117

NFPA 260

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