Incandescent Collection

Incandescent is a metal effect leather manufactured with a thin metallic layer.  It is obtained from European cattle. Due to the technical characteristics of the finishing the superficial resistances to rubbing and light are very limited. 

Average Size: 25-26 sq.ft. 

Thickness: 0.9/1.1 mm

Physical Analysis:

Hide type                              European bovine

Tanning                                 Mineral

Dyeing                                   Penetratin

Grain                                     Printed

Finishing                               Transfer card

Covering                               Pigmented

Grain                                     Corrected grain

Technical Data:

Dry friction ISO 11640             > 500 Cycles

Damp friction ISO 11640         > 50 Cycles

Finishing locking ISO 11644    >= 2 N/cm2

Flexing                                        >= 5000 cycles

Light fastness ISO 105-B02     >= 4 blue scale

Heat ageing ISO 17228            >= 3 gray scale

Fire resistance                          ISO 1021:1-2, BS 5852:0-1,                                                          IMO FTP8 A652, TB 117

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Sherwood Green


Sherwood Green

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