Como Collection

Como is a luxurious aniline full grain leather produced from Europe’s finest bull hides. It’s smooth tight finish is created through vacuum drying the hides.

Average Size: 55 sq.ft. 

Thickness: 1.0/1.2 mm. (2 1/2 - 3 oz.)


California Technical Bulletin 17                         Class 1

Boston fire Code                                                  Pass

Ignitability of Upholstered Seating(BS58252) Pass

IM0 A.652                                                              Pass

Performance Characteristics

Breaking Force - ASTM 2208                              272

Crocking - ASTM D 5053                                     Class 5

Elongation - ASTM D2211                                  20.50

Light Fastness - 72 Hrs/93'C                              Class 5

Tearing Strength - ASTM D 4705                       28.0

Vertical Burn for Aircraft FAR 25.853(a) App. F

Part I a 1(ii) upon customer request


Clay Beige

Cromwell Green


Dark Royal

Bay Blue

Bright Cyan

Tropicana Opal

Dark Iris


Smokey Purple


Labrador Blue

Iron Grey

Midnight Forest

Deep Sapphire

Beige Blush

Johnston Green

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